Thursday, January 31, 2008

Supporty socks

Do your socks offer you this?


(So yesterday's entry doesn't sit on top forever.)

A coworker heard that I occasionally like drawing, so he gave me an orchid, one of the ones he's raising, to draw. I figured I'd better get at it while it was actually blooming. Here's my attempt.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Being overtired somehow brings out the worst in me. Scott tucked me in the other night and asked if he should turn the volume down. Little did he know he would start this avalanche:
Me: I think it's ok. I'm very tired, and I'll probably sleep like a rock.
Scott: You mean log, right?
Me: I just said rock, didn't I?
Scott: Yep. My little basalt. That's you.
Me: Just don't take me for granite.
Scott: Good night, dear.
Me: Perhaps I need to be a little boulder in vying for your attention.
Scott: I'm leaving now.
Me: (Sniff!) I try to be a good lava for you...