Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just putting a Band-Aid on the problem

I was doing a bit of mending and I happened to have a little round scrap of band-aid colored fabric sitting around. I couldn't resist. I did do a proper job of the mending after presenting this little, visual gag to the owner of the shorts.



Blogger heydave said...

Just passing through and letting you know I enjoy your photos and after finding this blog, a perfect pastime for a rainy Sunday right around breakfast time, I think I'll visit again!

Take care.

25 April, 2010 08:12  
Blogger EllaEL said...

haha that's hilarious!

24 June, 2010 07:30  
Blogger T said...

Hi, I saw this ( picture on your flickr account and really loved it. I'm a film student at USC and would love to use it in a film project I'm doing, not-for-profit. It would be used in a prop pamphlet, it would only be on screen for a few seconds. Would this be all right? You can contact me at .



18 August, 2010 12:15  
Anonymous carleen said...

Oh that is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!

12 November, 2010 12:39  
Anonymous wow account for sale said...

WoW! that so cute.. love your blog..=)

26 July, 2011 01:56  
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