Friday, May 12, 2006

But what do they do?

One vendor I worked with had their mission statement prominently emblazoned upon every business card and catalog, complete with gratuitous quotation marks. Besides being one of the most flaccid, directionless sentences ever, it gives no indication what the company actually does. (They sell fasteners and assorted small hardware.)

Judge for yourself:

"Our commitment is to cause quality, service, teamwork, excellence and leadership to happen which benefits the customer, the company and ourselves."

It makes me wonder how much they paid somebody to compose it.


Blogger Evil Director said...

Not to mention that the mission statement has to be the most creative grammer that I have seen. I had never known that the President worked for a hardware company before!

14 May, 2006 18:55  
Anonymous \Mike said...

And I wouldn't be surprised if that writer used Dilbert's "mission statement generator" or some similar tool in the first place.

I can't see much difference between some of the examples I got there from this one...

24 August, 2006 10:22  

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