Friday, April 28, 2006

How to disgust three roommates in 60 seconds

We caught our downstairs roommate moments after he poured milk on the cereal that was going to be his dinner. Our error was suggesting at this moment that he join us in eating out tonight.

Now, picture, if you will, a bowl of store brand sugary cocoa nuggets with artificially colored so-called marshmallows sprinkled throughout, and milk freshly poured over the top. It is unquestionably less appetizing than any decent restaurant, and we have many worthwhile eateries nearby. He liked the idea so much, apparently, that he sprang for the entire dinner.

Here's the hard part: plan A is still in our refrigerator, cocoa and marshmallows dissolving into a dreadful cocoa marshmallow mush. If it is still there in 24 hours, I'm tossing it, if I have to buy him a new box of cereal.


Blogger Dvortygirl said...

I should add a comment here, since a couple of people inquired. Yes, the roommate ate the cereal the following day, and no, I did not watch.

07 May, 2006 08:36  

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