Thursday, May 11, 2006

Master manipulators

Soo and Cosmo are people in motion. I happened upon them in the park a few weeks ago, juggling with their son and some friends, and they invited me to join their informal group. Watching and listening, it is hard to imagine them sitting still for very long.

I arrived the following Sunday morning with a bag containing my three clubs, a selection of hackey sacks and beanbags, and some Lacrosse balls, good for bounce juggling. The three others had dozens of clubs and balls, plus cups and a prop bottle, knives, diabolos, and various other goodies.

They seem to be in practice, to varying degrees, with all of them. As they practiced passing 9 and 10 clubs between three people in various patterns, they talked about rope tricks and rock climbing and martial arts.

Most people think of juggling as throwing and catching more balls, rings, or clubs than one has hands, but in reality, it is the manipulation of any objects for show or fun. Cigar boxes, hats, and unicycles all figure in, and I'd wager that Soo and Cosmo have tried those, too.


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