Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A change of pace (part 2)

After moving stations 2 and 3 to buttons 1 and 2, I started scanning the dial. First, I added a few stations in a similar vein as the one that had died, a couple of classic rock and one that tends more toward pop, though with some overlap. I never listened to rock music as a youth, so most of what's on the classic rock stations is new to me, predating either me or my listening habits. The classical station has long occupied the sixth slot, anyway, so I had 6 more FM channels to go.

In went the local NPR station, for good measure and good citizen points. (No, I hadn't bothered programming it, earlier.) It's possible I missed some stations, too, since I skipped ones that were blabbing or playing commercials when I happened past.

I found two more offbeat ones that I like, though. One is another Spanish station. This one is talk radio. I have some interest, I suppose, in the subject matter (news, weather, advice, sports), but it's good exercise for me to try to pick out what they're saying. Depending on who's talking or how fast, that's anywhere from about 30-60%. I can usually get the gist, at least.

The other that I particularly like is a local public radio station. To their credit, I have a tough time classifying their content. They have many different DJs, each with separate, shorter shows, and the music includes bluegrass, folk, Celtic, blues, and jazz, among others. Almost all of it is good music, though. One tune they played tonight was a harmonica with rhythm of clapping and stomping (I wonder whether it was one performer or two), and it was still more music than is on most of the pop stations.


Anonymous Amgine said...

I do love the way you write. I wish I could seduce you to writing more on Wikinews.


09 February, 2006 22:03  
Blogger Evil Director said...

Hats off to whomever convinced you to listen to classic rock or pop. Goodness knows I failed at that task. ;-)

And an early Happy Valentine's Day. *laughs* Don't do anything that I wouldn't do!

10 February, 2006 19:36  

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