Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just for fun

Scott and I went out to dinner last night, because I did not feel inspired to cook. We went to a soup-and-salad place, which offered eight different soups in their buffet. I remarked that I usually end up eating the same soup as last time, and several of the soups looked good. He said, jokingly, that we should do a soup sampler. So we did. We went and got sixteen of the little on-the-side cups for salad dressing, and we both tasted a few bites of each soup, kvetching and commenting as we went.

Both flavors of their chili left much to be desired, as did the chicken noodle soup. The vegetable medley, tomato parmesan, and one other were palatable, but unremarkable. Their creamy soups, broccoli cheese, corn chowder and clam chowder, impressed us more. The other people in the restaurant looked at us a little oddly as we assembled our sampler tray, but we had fun tasting everything, and now we know which soups to avoid.

Maybe we'll sample all the desserts, next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now why in the world does that sound exactly like to the two of you? Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I've never done anything like that (surprise, surprise) but it does give me some ideas . . .


06 February, 2006 01:28  

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