Saturday, March 14, 2009


Bored one summer, my father and one of his cousins molded a pair of large feet in concrete and smuggled them in their luggage to his cousin's home in a small town. They used their large foot-molds to make tracks down into the river on a muddy river bank near the town.

Sure enough, the tracks were discovered shortly, and it was a small enough town that the discovery attracted the notice of the press. I'm pretty sure one of their moms was on to them, and I'm pretty sure she made them go fess up, at least as soon as the stir started.

We were driving along the California coast years later (this part, I remember personally) and we stopped in a gift shop selling rocks, wooden postcards, and other such things. My father (who never purchases such things) found a map of California Bigfoot Sightings, and sure enough, it listed tracks as having been found in his cousin's small town. I think my dad still has the map.

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Blogger llywrch said...

Sometimes I think we all achieve at least a mention in a footnote of some famous person's biography. It's just that the historians don't do their research thoroughly enough. ;-) Your anecdote is simply one more empirical proof of my thesis.

It was good to see you again at Recent Changes Camp!


14 March, 2009 14:41  

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