Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garage sale

There's a garage sale around the corner this afternoon. Some neighbors have gotten together with friends and relatives and put together quite a selection. There is quite a bit of smallish children's clothing, which doesn't especially interest me, but also quite a lot of adult clothing and an assortment of books and household items.

I purchased two pairs of jeans that fit me (I may need to shorten them a bit, but I have a garage sale sewing machine), a nice sweater, several warm pajama sets (the ones in my drawer have been very well loved) and a Tupperware pitcher for $6.25.

Now, compare this to a department store. I walked around the block, so I didn't have to find a parking place at the mall. I didn't have to hold my nose and dash past the perfume counters. I did what will probably be most of my fall shopping in about half an hour and in natural sunlight. I didn't have to listen to department store music or mysterious chimes.

I also got to meet my neighbors and their dog. There's a lot more variety in garage sales. It isn't all this year's stuff or the current season (rushed by three months or so). I can see how the clothes are going to wear because they have already started. If something is wrinkled in somebody's driveway, it's guaranteed to need ironing every time I wash it, too. If something shrank or ran or faded the first time it was washed, it's done it by now. I also get a tremendously good deal (95% off, anyone?) and do a bit of recycling in the process.

People wonder why I get grumpy when I end up in retail outlets and see some of the foolish stuff they're selling. Maybe it's because I know how much of it is going to end up in neighbors' driveways.


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