Sunday, May 11, 2008

Whoever comes are the right people

There was some worry at Recent Changes Camp late today that it hadn't been planned soon enough or firmly enough, and it was probably justified. Still, Recent Changes Camp happened, and it seems to me that the right people came. It was a smaller group, so a whole bunch of food went to another conference tomorrow and a food bank tonight. Still, the smaller group had a certain intensity and focus. We were who were there, so we'd better find a purpose.

I'm not sure that we produced any one thing. It was a very shapeless conference, governed loosely by a masking-tape schedule on a wall in the courtyard. I don't think there are even any one coherent set of notes, save perhaps for the batch of photos uploaded on Commons.

It was, I think, in that very openness and disorder that this weekend had its greatest strength. It's a mixed-up mess, and that means that people and ideas that might otherwise not meet each other, did. They met around loose themes and grew out organically from there.

Some sessions started with a prepared presentation or statement, but these invariably set the stage for open discussions in more of a forum style. Some hovered more or less around a given or stated topic; others strayed wildly and wonderfully. Pretty much all of them blossomed.

It was a small enough group, too, to put faces with names, to get nearly all of the names, and to connect at an individual level. There is a power in that, too, especially starting with a shared (but diverse) understanding of what this thing is that is called a wiki.

Perhaps someone made a connection, someone met someone else, someone put words to ideas or names to faces they already knew.

Perhaps, we just got together and had fun.

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Blogger Jon said...

YAY!!! Our toss the football session was totally awesome. Of course... that was until I kicked it on to the roof. Then it became the "how to get the football back" session.

Otherwise I did also enjoy RCC. It was fun to hang out. I think it would have been nicer to skip Friday and put more energy into Sunday which was rather lacking (that could have been because mother day was happening... but what the hey.

Oh, and I totally got admin'd on's wiki. Now I need someone to nom me on commons for adminship.

13 May, 2008 23:59  
Blogger Ben said...

I thoroughly enjoyed RCC. I was still grooving on the emotional high from it weeks afterward.

To me, it seemed focused. Fifteen minutes after we went for the paper, masking tape, and pens, we had ourselves a schedule with a wealth of sessions. It was hard to choose which to attend. I even skipped an improv class to attend two sessions on Saturday afternoon!

There was one moment when it seemed to me to have lost focus: when we had lunch on Sunday, right when "my" session about collaborative conflict started. Nobody was going to any of the sessions. Folks were just standing around by the food, eating and talking. After about 45 minutes, I finally walked around and said to everyone that the collaborative-conflict session starts in 5 minutes. We got about 10 people and had a really good session, way better than I expected.

It started at the right time, and the right people came.

11 June, 2008 08:15  

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