Friday, April 25, 2008


My life is reasonably well organized, but not especially tidy.

When I arrived home from work yesterday evening I found Scott lying on the bed reading and hopped in beside him for a greeting hug. My sunglasses were still perched on top of my head and Scott pulled them off so they wouldn't be in his way.

I protested, since they would never end up in the right place if I took them off there. He asked where the right place was, so that he could ensure that they landed there.

I replied in earnest that there isn't a right place, but the bed is not it. He knows me well enough to believe me when I say such things, though he did tease about it a bit. True to his word, he remembered to hand them back to me when we got up to see about dinner.

I replaced the sunglasses atop my head, where they remained throughout dinner. They came to rest on the bathroom counter some time later. Here is where we differ. Scott was making a point to notice where they went, so he has decided that the bathroom counter is where they go.

What I think is that I have to be the one who puts them down. They may land on the kitchen counter, on the little table beside my purse, the nightstand, or my desk, but if I put them down myself, I am more likely to find them the next morning. It's just the way I operate.

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Anonymous Teena said...

lol! I always keep on looking for my sunglasses. I just put them anywhere and when I'm about to use them, I can't remember where I put them.

25 April, 2009 05:24  

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