Saturday, February 23, 2008

A sketch and a photo

Spring isn't really here yet (it's pouring today), but the sun has come out a couple times, and a few early bloomers have gotten started. Here's a photo I took while walking Wednesday.

Here's my sketch based on that photo. As you can see, I don't really enjoy drawing background stuff, especially mulch.


Blogger Amgine said...

When I first got onto a computer there were two things - a computer survey thing that was supposed to figure out from our likes and interests what kind of career we'd enjoy, and a computer game called "Oregon Trail". Both were written in BASIC, and the code was right there to look at.

By copying and poking and figuring out what some of it meant, I wrote my first "hello world", and in about year a friend and I wrote our prank we called "the random glitch". I've never taken a formal class in coding, though I've attended a few seminars and worked through a few online tutorials since. Most of what I've learned has been through trial and error, and reading from books.

It's not the most efficient way to develop a skill. But clearly it works.

24 February, 2008 05:56  

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