Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buried treasure

I went out again today and tore out a bunch more weeds. I uncovered the peas I planted back in January (they're doing just fine, but they'll do a bit better with some tomato cages supporting them), one lettuce plant that must be from previous years' seeds, and a one-inch high tomato seedling.

After I stopped for lunch, I almost didn't go back out. I was already tired, but I wanted to finish up that corner.

I don't know quite what persuaded me to fiddle with my compost today, but I'm glad I did. I have a couple of bins that I filled with grass and leaves during the fall and winter, and I even turned them a couple times along the way. I decided this afternoon to see about moving them along a bit.

Sure enough, the bottom of each bin had a pretty good layer of finished compost, so I put this in the areas I'd cleared today. I've turned those areas before and I was exhausted, so I just top-dressed this time. It'll be ready for tomatoes and things as soon as I get around to planting some.

There may yet be hope for a garden this year.


Blogger Josh Kinal said...

Of course there's hope for your garden. There always has been but it was always going to take some work.

Good on you for finally doing it. You'll feel so much better for it and get so much enjoyment out of it when it's done.

31 March, 2008 19:14  

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