Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lunch with engineers

My engineering team took one of its members out to lunch today, since today was his last day. We went to a pretty nice restaurant, tastefully decorated in coordinating colors that matched the theme nicely. One of my colleagues glanced up at our surroundings and commented, "Look at the bend in that metal duct. I wonder how they did that angle."

Just don't ask how many times our manager double-checked the cash we all tossed his way at the end of the meal.


Anonymous Amgine said...

<grin> I didn't have the chance last night to read, and only have a few moments this morning... but I'm thrilled that the flashlight stories on IRC are honing your "stand-up" sense of comedy.

This is sooooo true! People point out beautiful pictures of sailing boats, and I say "I wonder why they've over-trimmed the jib." We all note the details we are most expert in.

Anyway, thank you again! Keep writing!

18 November, 2005 09:24  

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