Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just for fun

I like to grow my nails long, but not usually quite this long. Since I did, I took a picture of them, just before I chopped them off.


Anonymous Kipcool said...

Wow! Were you really able to type 70wpm with these?

As a piano player, I must have them always at the perfect size, not too short, so that it doesn't hurt, and not too long, so that it doesn't make an extra sound when hiting a piano key (a sound that quickly get on my nerves). It's quite an art :)

06 November, 2005 05:53  
Blogger Evil Director said...

I noticed that one thumb was being concealed. Does this mean that your thumbnail still has signs of your third grade accident?

06 November, 2005 18:28  
Blogger Dvortygirl said...

My word, you have a good memory! I shut my thumb in a car door on the first day of seventh grade, but, yes, that is why you only see nine nails in the picture. It is painless, but still split. I will say, that is about the most permanently I have ever injured myself, so I really can't complain too much.

08 November, 2005 22:36  

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