Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sending the Wrong Message

I stopped at my (large, commercial) bank on the way to work today to deposit a couple of checks. I wandered inside to prepare the deposit slip, and they had the radio playing. It was blaring an ad proclaiming the virtues of credit unions. Because they are not for profit (said the radio in my large, commercial bank), credit unions can offer better interest rates than large, commercial banks. Way to advertise, folks.

When I went back out to my car, the radio there was enthusiastically promoting somebody's "Columbus Day linen event." I can't think of very many things less eventful than linens, can you? (What exactly do linens have to do with Columbus Day, anyway?)

Finally, someone sent email to the entire company where I work reading, "I am pleased to announce the promotion of [Mr. L] to Field Service Manger." I have no doubt that Mr. L. will give "field service" a whole new meaning in his new capacity as a "manger". Congratulations to him.


Blogger Evil Director said...

But linens have everything to do with Columbus Day! Really! If it weren't for Columbus, we wouldn't have European intrusion (oh wait, I'm European...) um... immigration onto this land, which gave the English massive new sources to export their heavy textile industry for mass exploitation (oh wait, I'm English), um... mass entrepenourship.

Everything to do with Columbus Day, really. ;-)

07 October, 2005 10:26  

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