Saturday, September 17, 2005

A birthday present

Every September, the city of Cupertino, California, holds a city-wide garage sale. The city chooses the day and publishes the treasure map and anyone who wants to can sign up and hold a garage sale at home.

I knew this morning that I would spend most of my afternoon cleaning up the junk I already have, so I went out for a brief and moderate shopping expedition with my mother. Neither of us needs more junk, but it's an excuse to get together and go snooping in other people's stuff. Besides, Cupertino is an affluent city, even by Silicon Valley standards, and we have found some excellent goodies there in past years.

Out we went, and I managed in the entire day to acquire only three things: a little blank book (since I do still keep parts of my journal on paper), a bracelet with some pretty stones in it, and a small bag. I spent a grand total of $3. Then I got a piano.

We noticed a paper sign in somebody's driveway: piano, $100. I played some piano in my youth. While I will never master it with hands that can only just reach a full octave, I kind of miss playing. Keyboards just are not the same. Affordable keyboards stop far short of the 88 keys for which most music was written. While I lived in an apartment, owning a proper piano made no sense whatsoever.

We went in and saw it. It's a beautiful little Wurlitzer spinet, in excellent shape. I tried all the keys, and I plunked through some sheet music they had sitting there. I'm badly out of practice and it needs tuning, but it works well, so my mother bought it for me as an early birthday present. It's a bargain at that price, and I would have bought it myself if she hadn't.

We considered waiting to tell Scott until we could bring it home and set it up in the living room. ("What do you mean, where did it come from? It's been there all month!") I think we'll need his help getting it home, though, so I told him, eventually. ("Well, we need to go back to pick up the other thing. It was, uh, too big to fit in the car...")

Now, who do I know with a pickup truck?


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