Sunday, April 15, 2007


When we first moved into our college apartment, we were shown a unit with a ceiling fan over the second floor loft. When we were assigned our unit, it did not have this fan, but an old (and ugly) light fixture. The summers there were hot by any standard, and a ceiling fan would make our stay there far more comfortable. We agreed to take the place because they assured us they would replace the ugly light fixture with a ceiling fan. They had dozens of apartments in that complex, and they were doing that upgrade gradually, as they got the chance.

The day came and we moved in. There was no fan, so we reminded them that they had promised one. The maintenance guy, Skip, assured us he would get to it. Pretty soon, a box appeared on our doorstep with a note from Skip saying that he'd be back Monday to install it. We hauled it inside and happily awaited Monday.

Monday came and went, and then another, and the box just sat there. We couldn't install it ourselves because it was too high up and we didn't have a ladder. We asked Skip a few times more, but he had gotten busy working on other apartments and other projects. We didn't quite get to the point of marching into the office each and every Monday asking, "So was this the Monday you had in mind?", but it was several months before he finally installed it.


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