Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dressing for the office

Almost nobody in my office wore a costume today. We had one woman trotting around in a horse costume. Her legs were the two hind legs, and sewn into the costume were legs for the rider and the front legs and head of the horse. Rather than a bunch of heavy stuffing, the whole thing had a little battery-operated fan in back keeping the whole thing inflated.

I dressed up as a mime. I simply wore black shoes, pants, and a shirt I already owned, tied my hair back, and let the face paint imply the rest. The costume could use some white gloves, too, but I don't have any on hand (ahem!). I didn't paint my face until after my drive in, since it's sticky and itchy to wear face paint. Otherwise, it's as comfortable a costume as there is. It had the unintended effect of startling a number of my coworkers, because it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary from behind. They come into my cube from behind me, to ask a question, and only when I turn do they suddenly realize that my face is not my usual. I've inspired some great double takes in the hall, too.

Later this evening, I used the same face paint, touched up a bit, to pester the kids who came to the door for candy. I bent down to get a good look, acted shocked, had the bright "idea" to give them some candy, and wordlessly admonished one who was taller than me. I spotted butterfly wings on one little girl and jumped up and down, flapping my arms.

After grade school, I've always dressed for Halloween a little reluctantly, uncertain of whether I might be the only one dressed up, but I've always been glad that I did. It is, after all, the one day when it's sanctioned and expected to be a little crazy, to dress strangely, and to act like someone you're not.


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